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In light of the death of George Floyd and at the direction of our bishops, we are engaging both at the clergy and lay level has renewed commitment to listening to our neighbors and affirming each one's dignity and worth. As Episcopalians we affirm these things in our Baptismal Covenant and they are at the core of who we are as God's beloved community.

Over the next several months, St. Andrew's is seeking to go deeper into this work and is working with K Allen Consulting to engage these questions afresh and to get the tools to do the work God has given us to do.

"We live in such an ever changing world, and as a community of faith, its essential to continuously learn and grow in our understanding and awareness of the ways in which we can live out our values and faith, particularly in light of racial unrest and other forms of injustice that occur everyday. Within this 4-part series, St. Andrew's congregants will be afforded the opportunity to not only build and deepen our awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion conceptually, but discover concrete and actionable ways to operationalize diversity, equity, and inclusion within multiple domains (e.g. governance, leadership, finance/procurement, community engagement, programming, etc.) of our work as well as your personal and professional lives. This is an incredible opportunity for intimate learning, a safe space to ask questions, and a space for reflection and action planning." -K Allen Consulting

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