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Confirmation is the adult affirmation of baptismal vows, either offered by one who was baptized as a child and had parents and godparents take those vows for them, or by one who was baptized in a tradition other than the Episcopal Church and wishes to affirm their place in this faith tradition. Confirmation is always performed by a bishop, as it is a sign of connectivity between the confirmed and the larger Church.

Those who have been confirmed in certain traditions, such as the Roman Catholic Church, do not need to be confirmed again, but would instead by received by the bishop into the Episcopal Church. This reception simply requires the candidate to reconfirm their commitment to Christ before the community and to journey with them with in the tradition in the Episcopal Church.

Each year, Teens and Adults are invited to participate in a class for those who are interested in being confirmed. This class is called a catechumenate and is an opportunity for study and growth in the knowledge and love of the Lord.


Our current Bishop, Bishop Shannon Duckworth

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