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Camp Able NOLA Youth Group


is one of the 3 main parts of Camp Able NOLA, a ministry of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church that is dedicated to dignity driven programs for the benefit of those with developmental and physical disabilities.  A fun and energy and talent filled group of neurodiverse and neuro-typical youths aged 10 - 30 meets every other Sunday from 3:00 - 5:00 to hang out, work on youth led plays, play football and soccer, make king cakes, improve social skills and language abilities, and go on excursions to destinations including, but not limited to, Jazz Fest, Plum Street Snowballs, the levee, Poboy Festival, and Mardi Gras parades.  Partnerships with local community organizations Poydras Home and the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) allow for a variety of forms of community engagement and socialization, such as the documentation log on the Coronavirus Quarantine (the only one to our knowledge that features the perspectives of people with disabilities) that youth groupers created in partnership with NOMA and the story creation project in which youth groupers and elders of Poydras Home participated.  


Labels such as "counselor" and "camper" or "neuro-typical" and "neurodiverse" exist within descriptions and literature for clarity's sake, but quickly fade into a non essential category with these kiddos and young adults.  Some of these friends have been "youth grouping" together since the inception of Camp Able NOLA Youth Group in November of 2017, and have forged great friendships, part of what makes youth group the highlight of the week for so many participants, including youth group leader, Taylor Cheek.   


Questions or inquiries about Camp Able NOLA Youth Group may be directed to Taylor Cheek, Camp Able NOLA Youth Group Director. You can be put in contact with Taylor by emailing here.

Youth Altar Server/Server Training

Information and training opportunities are coming this summer. Email Fr Jim if you'd like to be put on the list for training or future ROTAs.

Sunday Morning Childcare

(This ministry is currently suspended due to Covid 19)

This ministry is offered every Sunday Morning from 9:45am – until the conclusion of the Service.  Children 6 months – Kindergarten are welcome to participate.  Our professional staff is located in the red school cottage building.  Families may assess this service by exiting the church by the piano and crossing the soccer field.  The cottage is located under the red staircase near the basketball court.  (Consult the ushers for directions)

Children’s Liturgy of the Word Ministry 

(This ministry is currently suspended due to Covid 19)

This vital ministry is centered on helping the children of our congregation to engage hearing and applying the Sunday Scriptures to their lives.  Each Sunday at the beginning of our morning service, the children are called forward with their adult leaders for a blessing and are sent out of our assembly to listen to the Gospel reading.  The adult leaders then teach the children in an interactive and hands on lesson.  Following the lesson, the children and their teachers return to the assembly during the offertory.  All adult volunteers are trained, screened and work always work with another adult.  If you are interested in helping with this ministry, please contact Fr. Jim