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Ordination to Holy Orders is the setting apart of some faithful Christians for a particular service to the Church and to the world. Deacons in the Church are those who are called to a ministry of prayer, service to the poor and those in need, and witness to the places where the Church should be engaging with the world. Priests are those who are called to a ministry of word and sacrament – of preaching and regularly offering the sacraments and blessing of God to the Church. The process of discernment for Holy Orders is a rigorous one in the Episcopal Church and requires a good deal of time for prayer and holy conversation, with both people within the individual parish and people from the larger diocese. It is primarily a process of holy listening to the call of God in an individual’s life and ministry – a process that is appropriate for all Christians, whether or not they feel called to Holy Orders. St. Andrew's works to make such discernment of spiritual gifts readily available to all who are feeling called.

If you are discerning Ordination and would like to discuss this, please contact the Reverend Annie here.




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