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St Andrews Chancel Choir is looking forward to returning to active duty now that the restrictions of the pandemic are lifted. The goal is to begin rehearsals and services in the fall of 2021.  The choir, made up of experienced members meets once a week and for occasional extra rehearsals.  They represent one of the most important faces of the church since music is such an integral part of the services. 

We all look forward to being together again to take our place in the fabric of St Andrews as we all work for the highest musical and spiritual goals!

New members are enthusiastically welcomed!


St. Andrew's Ringers was founded about 16 years ago when Robert and Mary Perkins first came to St. Andrew's Church. Bob, who passed away in 2022 was an accomplished organist and choirmaster has degrees from Syracuse University and Union Theological Seminary in New York. Mary is retired after 36 years of teaching and serving as principal in Louisiana public schools.

The group grew steadily over the years to as many as a dozen members; many of them professional musicians. In addition to playing regularly at St. Andrew's, the group has also played at "Back Around the Clock" and the Poydras Home.


Father Dee and the Holy Jam

On the first Sunday of the month, our own Father Dee Flemming and the Holy Jam offer music during the Sunday 6 PM Mass with Karl Harrod on the piano. Selections are varied but have a jazzy flavor that we know you'll enjoy and which aids our joyful 6 PM Mass.

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